Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Beth Chapman nude

I decided to create this blog for one reason and one reason only. I want to unleash that nice, normal, quiet dude and not give a FUCK about what people have to say! I want to post obscene shit, if that is how I feel. I don't want to be the least bit politically correct. I don't want to be wrong or right. I just want to let loose! I have tons of websites and FB accounts where I am always image conscious. On this blog? I have no image. I have no morals. I want to release my id onto this platform. I don't have anybody watching this blog, or subscribing to this blog. I don't think I even want anybody to do that?

Well, HERE WE GO!!

Let's start off with something that is bothering me.

How can you be a total pig like this AND still be such a racist? I thought fat bitches like this were supposed to make up for their disgusting looks with a freaking personality? Shouldn't this fat bitch be jolly?

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